About GV Natural Healing

Our Mission

My Company and Diversity

GV Natural healing embraces diversity in massage therapy and wants to provide the value of inclusiveness. GV Natural healing wants to cultivate diversity among the minority group to spread the body work message of how massage is a benefit in many ways. Therefore the diversity of our clients is valued, respected, and provided for. The Results of GV Natural Healing want to expand the benefits of massage therapy to people from different cultures and teach our clients the benefits of natural health. GV Natural Healing recognizes that every client encounters are unique and we are free from stereo type, judgment and bias and provide finest massage therapy care that are respectful to the health belief, practice, culture and will bring out positive results.


LMT Manager

Licensed Massage Therapist

is your 9 to 5 Stressful?

GV Natural healing understands that many people live demanding life styles and have oversecheduled or over worked. We want to relieve the stress that manifest in the body and decrease muscle tension and eliminate pain. We will also decrease stress that manifest in the mind because of increased worry or anxiety. Many headaches or migraines are a result of stress and/or poor circulation. Swedish Massage relieves the stress associated with tension headaches and improves circulation.


All therapist have completed hundreds of hours of massage training and are fully licensed and certified